Whats the deal With Biofuels II

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It seems I got a lot of response on Algae as a Biofuel crop.


I have gathered togeather a number of videos on the subject, culled from youtube and google video.

A history channel video:

Here is a long feature length lecture, from scripps, explaining Algae in general from the series on “Perspectives in Oceanography” Very Informative.

“Power of green” on algae:

Here is a decent enough article, intervioewing Craig Harting of Global Green Solutions.

Another Interview, this time with the VP of Global Green Solutions:

Making hydrogen from sunlight:

May 21, 2008: David James explains how to process algae, into three different types of green fuels, using a gasification process. Green gasoline, green diesel and biodiesel can all be produced from the same algae feedstock.

Here is an EXTREMELY interesting lecture by Craig Venter on creating custom made life. This is one of the TED talks. I drew on this article heavily for my previous article.

Here is an interesting, in depth look at algae as a fuel:


See my previous article for a more in depth look at biofuels and algae:



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  1. Meesh said,

    are you interested in doing something about this with a group of us who are? Where are you located? We are in Los Angeles, and my number is 310 422-1692. How about contacting me asap?

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